Tim and I met when we were kids, and dated all thru high school. We got married when we were nineteen and our four wonderful kids soon followed. Between curls, horses, dirt, and motorcycles we were always on the go. Soon after life moved on as it normally does and our kids all grew up and started lives of their own. A legal assistant, guitar teacher, two airmen (airwomen?) and five and a half grandkids later Tim and I found ourselves as empty nesters.

Now we have had a few Saints in our past and all of them were Tim’s dogs. So once all the kids were gone I decided it was time to get another Saint, so I went on a hunt and that was when I found Sadee. She was so cute and fluffy and as soon as our eyes met I knew it was all over and she would be coming home with me. Sadee instantly made our house her home, and we started spending everyday side by side. After awhile I couldn’t help but notice that Tim felt a little left out so I started looking around for a male. We found Grizzly after a short hunt with a small family that gave him a horrible nickname (Sorry its not family friendly) but after we got him our family was complete.

It was then that we decided to start Wiskey Barrel Saints. And after our first litter we were in love. Tim and I not only loved raising the puppies but we also loved seeing the faces on the new families as they got to pick out and pick up their new family member.  We still get to watch the puppies grow after they leave our farm, all the families our puppies go to are wonderful about sending us updates on how they are doing. It makes our day to see the updates and how happy they are, and it reminds us why we continue to do this. We love our Saints and we hope you find one to love too.

Now since all that our family of Saints has continued to grow, we love all of our Saints like our own children and wouldn’t trade them for anything. They bring so much joy to our lives. And I think all of the other members of the Wiskey Barrel Saint family would agree that there is nothing better than having a Saint to love, hold and stand by your side.